New Entrepreneur of the Year Application

Krysta Fox

Gulf Capital SME Awards – MEED


I am honoured to apply for New Entrepreneur of the Year. This page is an overview of our business, what we care about and my contribution to creating a sustainable business model for growth. Winning this award would enable us to reach even more influential leaders of the future who will change corporate life for ever.

We have a common belief that, in our own way, sharing what we have learnt about people-led leadership will change lives and businesses. And that’s what we’re doing…

Who We Are

We are a Dubai-based boutique, consulting firm providing advisory services to leadership teams. We focus on unlocking lost productivity in your organisation through strategic vision, unique perspective, authentic leadership, and positive culture and mindset, creating sustained business value. We help leaders to transform businesses from the inside out and lead through change.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors because the tried and tested changeosity philosophy is to be curious, collaborative, courageous, and caring. This creates abundant growth and prosperity for your people and your organisation.

We’ve worked hard to combine large company capabilities and governance, with small company adaptability and approachability. Krysta has been instrumental in leading the company set up, brand development, marketing programs and finance and accounting capabilities… 

Our Growth Model

We are proud of how quickly we have established a comprehensive business model from branding to marketing, and sales to customer nurturing.

We have adopted automation through the careful selection of integrated technology. We believe it is helping us to project a strong brand on a tight budget.

Our Start-up Timeline

In just six months we have leveraged our existing skills and worked to establish a comprehensive governance platform, with a clear strategic plan, solid legal framework, strong financial management and control, operational excellence and outstanding people and culture practices. We have challenged ourselves to learn new skills in content driven marketing, sales funnel expertise and IT prowess. Our commitment to leveraging automation and technology is enabling us to achieve high levels of productivity with high scaleability.

Krysta has led changeosity’s social media program, reaching an ever growing target audience… 

We’ve been building changeosity’s followers network through sharing our daily posts. Click to view…

Kiran Scarr’s articles have been featured by LinkedIn, reaching thousands of leaders. Click to view…

Krysta Fox has reached almost 10,000 followers, up 6,000 in just 6 months. Click to view…

Suzanne Gandy has reached over 100 CEO’s in the GCC through a target LinkedIn Sales funnel campaign. Click to view…

We post 6 days a week on Instagram and have been gaining attention. Click to view…

Mastering YouTube is a goal for 2020. We think we’ve made a good start. Click to view…

From never tweeting to daily tweeters, we reach our target audience through their channels. Click to view…

Not our primary channel, Facebook still hold importance for some of our audience. Click to view…

On any given day, you may find us in our office creating a world of insights and, the next day, sharing those insights with the world. Krysta has devised platforms that enabled changeosity to present a ‘big’ brand on a small budget…

Future of Work: 5 Top Tips for Remote Working

There are costs and benefits to working from home. The daily routine of getting up and going to the office, can help some overcome bouts of temporary inertia for work. However, the uncertainty of an unstructured day of home-based working, especially if there are children around, can be a stressful challenge.

Future of Work: 5 Top Tips to Leading Teams Remotely

When Leading through Change in challenging times, what matters is not what you do, but rather, how you do it. Time and again, leaders are drawn into the trap of focusing on ultimate outcomes rather the process of truly engaging and empowering people to deliver purpose-led change for the organisation.

Practical Guidance on How to Lead Through Change

When Leading through Change in challenging times, what matters is not what you do, but rather, how you do it. Time and again, leaders are drawn into the trap of focusing on ultimate outcomes rather the process of truly engaging and empowering people to deliver purpose-led change for the organisation.

Challenging Times – The questions boards should ask

In challenging times, it’s incumbent on you as a board member to ask the right questions. Experience from past events such as the global financial crisis has told us that businesses that stay calm, run scenario analysis and take early decisions emerge stronger from troubled times. As Boardroom Coaches, changeosity guides senior leaders on the seven key areas… #leadingchange #leadership #boardroomeffectiveness

Lead in the Time of COVID-19

This is not the time for command and control leadership. Autocratic decision-making may help you immediately cope with COVID-19 emergency measures. But now, more than ever, we believe that leadership the changeosity way, will achieve sustainable growth for your business as it moves to the Future of Work. #leadingchange #leadership #businesstransformation

Collaborate to create great strategy

We’ve learnt so much from helping companies to build new growth strategies. Number one is bringing more people into the room, giving them freedom to brainstorm and democratising the decision making process.
#refreshstrategy #leadership #leadingthroughchange

The route to achieving greater diversity of board skills

We asked Kiran Scarr, Co-founder and Principal of changeosity, for her views on why board diversity is so important in leading through change
# leadingchange, #leadership development #womenleaders

Building a one page strategy house

Wouldn’t it be great if you could show on one page your company’s reason for being, your pathway to success, the values that guide your decisions and the key drivers that will get you to where you want to be?
#refreshstrategy #leadership #leadingthroughchange

Refresh Strategy

Refreshing your business strategy in a collaborative way will pay enormous dividends in terms of employee engagement and motivation to execute.

Introducing Models for Change

changeosity Leading Through Change Series Issue 1 – Introducing Models for Change In this article, we build a case for embracing a deliberate style in which to lead through change and we give you three practical models for driving and delivering successful change...

Incredible female leaders talking about how we help them build their leadership brand

Kiran Scarr interviews some of the GCC’s top leaders in the changeosity CEO Insights series on Leading Through Change.

Suzanne Gandy is interviewed by Greg Fairlie on Emirates News during Global Womens’ Forum and shares her insights on leadership.

In one of the many short videos shared every week by changeosity, Krysta Fox talks about her favourite leadership book and why it makes all the difference.

Krysta Fox guides leaders and boards on how to survive the crisis by asking the right questions.

Kiran Scarr works with LexisNexis on an initiative to guide leaders on what it takes to lead through change and motivate teams working remotely.

Suzanne Gandy talks to the National about the challenges of working from home and how to be a great leader in challenging times.

Krysta Fox meets Ivanka Trump and is quoted in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia on women in leadership.

We’re building the toolkit that leaders need to lead through change in a way that makes corporate life better for everyone. Krysta leads the strategy practice supporting many businesses to develop collaborative strategies..

CHANGEOSITY LEADERSHIP (Leading through change)

an education program that teaches leaders what they absolutely must do, what they could do, and what they should never do. It’s a conscious choice to be a changeosity leader.


an intensive program for deeply reviewing the direction of your business, identifying your options and carefully selecting the initiatives that will get you to achieve your visionary growth.

Redesign Organisation & Culture

an approach that reveals the structure, culture and people problems and delivers innovative solutions to retain top talent, leverage human capabilities and achieve your strategic goals.


we help leaders to embed the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in your organisation. Our program helps you achieve sustainable business growth by taking international regulatory and compliance best practices and applying them in a local context.


we work with your board to help improve their effectiveness. We start by identifying areas for improvement including strategy, decision making, communication and accountability.


a comprehensive leadership and personal brand development program that focusses on women in leadership. We explore what you want, what you value, what’s holding you back and how to reach your aspirational goals.

We believe that changeosity should be adaptable and scaleable. That belief has been tested and we think we’re winning.

Our past choices have enabled us to pivot to online delivery rapidly during COVID-19 lock down. We will emerge stronger than ever.

First 2 weeks

We delivered 10 webinars with an audience of over 700 participants having never delivered a webinar before that


Our early decision to use online quotes, proposals, invoices, contracts and banking enabled a seamless transition to WFH


We activated an immediate plan, and were able to continue business with a few important adjustments


number of external board meetings chaired by changeosity in the first two weeks, having never run virtual boards before


virtual masterclasses run and in the pipeline for this month


of prior practise learning how to record and edit engaging videos has been pivotal during this time.

 Practising what we preach – spark curiosity, foster collaboration, be courageous and encourage caring – is generating success…

We’re measuring our success by the number of leaders that we reach with the changeosity message, how much we love what we’re doing and the sustainability of the business


C-level Female Graduates of the Build Your Leadership Brand program. Now part of the alumni program


followers in our social media network, grown from <7,000


audience for our insight video posts, webinars, panels and keynote addresses


Net Promoter Score,

which is considered to be world-class


our passion and commitment to transforming every leader’s impact on corporate life


months before we turned a profit


entrepreneurship and adherence to corporate governance principles

Some of the GCC’s best known corporates are working with us

We’re a team that believes in an abundant mindset, and that means we support each other in everything we do…

We know we’re changing lives because our clients are telling us… 

Manal Al Soori

Head of HR Transformation, Emirates Group

Build Your Leadership Brand is a totally brilliant course. It has changed both my work and personal life in such a positive way already. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately. This course was very insightful and the group attending were of very strong leadership backgrounds and the discussions were very healthy and gave a depth of knowledge and experience. The experience with changeosity from start to finish was faultless. changeosity is transforming leaders and re-energising them to go back to their workplace bold & strong. I have recommended the course to my colleagues and my executive leadership. 

We’ve pivoted rapidly during lock down using the time to learn, develop solutions,  and digitise. We’re proud that the business continues to grow…

Thank you for your consideration

changeosity – Krysta Fox


Leading Through Change Series

Issue 1: Introducing Models for Change

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