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Caring and collaborative leadership is the number one contributor to sustained business performance.

Krysta Fox is an incredible business leader who has mastered the art of laser-focused commerciality and commitment to results. Krysta’s leadership expertise is unrivalled as she transforms corporate life and financial performance by partnering with organizations to build breakthrough strategies, achieve true collaboration, and create a motivating leadership culture. Following an international career with an oil major and CFO roles, Krysta led the transformation of four time winning Global Free Zone of the Year. She is a strategy and execution expert and believes wholeheartedly in the power of caring leadership. She holds a Master of Business Administration, Master of Professional Accounting, and Bachelor of Economics, and is a Fellow CPA. There is joy in opening people’s eyes to their amazing potential and giving them the support to “go for it.”


Krysta Fox is a transformational leader who has delivered globally award-winning business transformation in multi-cultural environments. Driven by the principles of open, transparent, and caring leadership, she has catalyzed transformative business results through restructuring teams, radical digitalisation, reimagining customer experience, and rethinking strategic alliances. She is an authentic leader.

Whether she’s working with the executive team, boards or C-level leaders, Krysta helps our clients to first, envision what the future looks like, second, create the roadmap to change and third, wholeheartedly focus on the most critical priorities to get there. Krysta follows the formula that helped her lead major transformation and helps her clients build sustained business results by providing the tools that get their teams fully engaged and empowered. Individuals and teams feel differently after working with Krysta.


Krysta deliver
s highly engaging and interactive strategy refresh programs that are designed to masterfully guide our clients through a series of critical questions. In a matter of days, our clients have a crystal clear vision of the way forward, and unlike many consultants, the outputs are ready for sign off. The strategy refresh programs cover vision, mission, values, business drivers, business development evaluation, market opportunity navigation, business model canvas, and value proposition canvas to balance scorecard and action planning. Krysta helps our clients turn words into action because she’s done it in the most complex of business settings.

Our Clients’ Leadership Brand
Krysta facilitate
s a bespoke personal brand building program that creates a clear personal brand canvas for our clients – giving them a clear roadmap. The program covers our client’s personal vision and values, emotional intelligence, social styles, and powerful presentation skills. Our clients come away with deep insights into the power of how they relate to others and the tools to dramatically improve relationships. When our clients work with Krysta on building their personal brand, they gain confidence.

Board Effectiveness Coaching
Getting the right balance of growth and discipline is a key challenge for boards, where complex dynamics can create big challenges. Krysta guides our clients through a carefully crafted board effectiveness program that includes self-assessment, observation, and feedback loops. The changeosity board effectiveness toolkit draws on over 70 years of our co-founders’ corporate experience covering strategy, risk, compliance, finance, investment decision making, culture, leadership, and organisation design.


Executive Coach and Strategy & Transformation Advisor


An accountant by training, Brett has spent most of his career as a commercially focused business advisor in Australia.

His focus has been on structuring businesses for success and driving operational and cultural change. He prides himself on his ability to identify the core issues and opportunities amidst the “noise” and providing clear, practical solutions and direction. He has been instrumental in the transformation of several notable growing organisations.

His training might be numbers but getting people working together for a shared goal is his passion.

More recently, Brett was the Interim Finance Director of the UK’s leading dog charity, Dogs Trust, before moving to Dubai.

Brett works with business leaders in the UAE, helping them reshape their strategies and coaching them to lead change in their organisations. He is a key advisor on The Advisory Board, which helps SME leaders to grow their businesses. Brett continues his involvement with Dogs Trust via Board roles with their international subsidiaries.


Leadership Facilitator Expert


With over 16 years of leadership experience working in high performing FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, Brenda brings hands -on experience of developing and leading teams, transforming cultures and successfully defining and executing strategies in a volatile world.

Brenda’s style is adaptive, intuitive and co -creative. Her work is underpinned with knowing that when we focus on connecting authentically to ourselves and to one another we transform teams and organisations by enhancing communication, collaboration and creativity.


International Leadership & Sales Development Guru


Stephan has successfully conducted countless training programs over the past 18 years in more 25 countries around the world.

Running the Middle East operations for Wilson Learning Worldwide from 2007 to 2016, Stephan helped numerous organizations increase organizational performance and competitiveness in the markets.

His specialty lies in the area of sales and leadership effectiveness across all industries especially Oil&Gas, as well as several supporting industry sectors.


Coach & Leadership Development Expert


Stephanie has led a truly international career, including a global role facilitating Shell’s leadership development programs and as a senior psychologist with the Emirates Group.

Committed to continuous development Stephanie is an associate member of the Association for Coaching, a registered Psychologist with the Australian Psychological Society, member of the British Psychological Society, The Association of Business Psychologists (UK) and the European Association of Aviation Psychologists

Stephanie believes passionately in working with the whole person: exploring a leader’s core strengths and challenge areas to propel them forward personally and professionally.

Facilitating insights with leaders helps them to evolve and adapt to adverse circumstances now and in the future.


Executive Coach, Large Scale Transformation and Change Management Advisor


Stephen’s fundamental purpose is to support organisations, executives and their teams achieve inspirational performance, by helping them assess, co-create and build upon capabilities and adopt approaches to achieve consistent high standards of personal and professional success.

With over 25 years of cross industry experience covering Banking, Telecom, Real Estate and Government industries, Stephen focused on delivering Large-Scale Transformation programs. Consistently believed in collaborative leadership style and people-oriented leadership, he was instrumental in implementing business transformation and Change Management programs that resulted in breakthrough results.

With the passion for Leadership Development and the quest for being a conscious leader, Stephen transitioned into Executive Coaching and Leadership Development with the emphasis on Core Energy Coaching and Energy Leadership and continues his passion towards business and personal transformation.


Operations & Business Advisor


Eric has held several key positions during his 18 years with an oil major (BP Oil) in Australia, Singapore and the UAE.  Eric managed all facets of the business including contracts between BP and its’ transport providers as well as negotiating the sale of ship cargoes to traders in the region.  Eric was seconded to BP Middle East and was tasked with developing the U.A.E. supply chain and terminal program in order to bring it into line with BP’s global aspirations. 

Eric then joined Supreme Fuels in 2009 as Director of Global Supply Chain remaining in the UAE to date.


Marketing and Administrative Manager


Leoney Panday, who joined Changeosity in 2019, delivers amazing work behind the scenes. While our clients may not see it directly, her creative and organizational efforts are crucial in making it all happen.

With her previous experience in administrative and management roles, and her flexibility and eagerness to learn new things, she continuously empowers the team by keeping them on track and supporting them with great data, insights, research and innovative materials.

Leoney is a rare gems able to self-learn anything, backed also by her expertise gained through a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management Accounting together with a Diploma in Computer Technology. She’s always committed to continuous learning to continuously acquire knowledge and skills.

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